Update Activities

2004-   Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

2005-   Certificate of Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery

2006-   Certificate of Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery 11

2007-   Surgical Skills Training - University of Queensland

2008-   Master’s Degree Skin Cancer Medicine - University of Queensland

2011-   Certificate in Skin Cancer Dermatopathology

2012-   Fellowship of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia

2013-   Published Original Research Paper in International Dermatology Journal

2013-   Ongoing Research (Skin Cancer) - studing MPhil Degree University of Queensland.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Dr Keith Hopkins has a real passion and natural flare for skin cancer surgery.

Like any skill- Practice Makes Perfect.
Dr Keith Hopkins gets plenty of practice performing skin cancer surgery every day and performs around 1200 skin cancer procedures per year.

These include plastic surgery techniques including
Flaps-rotation, V-Y, myocutaneous, Bilobe, Advancements, transpositions, key stone, banners, spirals, burrows & Combinations.
Skin Grafts- full thickness and partial thickness
Wedges- ear and lip


Biopsies-shave, punch, incisional

Reconstructions of Nose, Ear, Lip, Cheeks, Forehead, Chin, Temple, eyebrow/lids, Scalp, Neck, torso and limbs.

Each reconstruction is unique and may require different techniques above to restore function and hide or camouflage your scar.
Dr Keith Hopkins has over 10 years of dedicated skin cancer practice & surgery.


Hospital Operating Theatre- for patients who require face or larger reconstructions.
There is no gap (or known gap) payments with appropriate private health insurance.

Practice operating theatre- has been specially equipped for safe out of hospital surgery.
In this setting, patients without private insurance can have affordable surgery.
Patients without private insurance have saved hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars compared to previous quotes.

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